If you feel your skills, attitude, knowledge and/or experience is better than the average, we want you!

MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE SLS LANDSCAPE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT AND GREENER SOLUTIONS? Here at SLS and GS we look for the best employees we can find. And not just because you have exceptional skills and talent, and not even because you give quality service to 

your clients. We want you because if you are skilled, talented and give great, quality service, that means you have 

a superior work ethic and you take pride in your work. This is the base of a successful career! 

Working …anywhere, not just here shouldn’t be “just a job”. It should be a position that you have chosen because you enjoy it. 

A “job” that you are skilled in and a company you can grow with.  We have no problem paying you what you are worth and 

promoting you within the company. Our pay range exceeds our competitors for a reason. 

SLS and GS care about the success of each individual employee and we WANT you to be the best you can be, 

provide for your family and attain the lifestyle you want. 

The landscaping industry can be hard work. The heat, the cold, the physical requirements… so SLS and GS try our best to make it comfortable 

and productive by offering all employees uniforms, raincoats, sweatshirts, hats, snacks, beverages, water coolers on every truck, monthly parties and more

We are looking for someone who is…

· Interested in working in the landscaping field and has a desire to be outside with nature, braving the elements. 

· Looking for more than “just a job”. We want you to succeed and find your best fit within the company! 

· Punctual and respectful of their fellow employees’ time. 

· Proud of their work and the results they achieve on a property, a project and/or a treatment they have performed. 

We also offer benefits! 

· Health, Dental and Vision Insurance 

· Paid Holidays

· Paid Time Off 

· Educational Assistance 

· Employee Events and more! 

*For eligible employees

Other characteristics that will help you get a job at SLS and Greener Solutions, LLC:

· An optimistic attitude – we all have good days and bad days. We are looking for team members that can still give a smile, tell a joke 

and enjoy their workday even when Dunkin’s screwed up your coffee that morning.

· Desire to learn new skills and new techniques– we want you to enjoy your job, utilize your existing skills and improve in areas you are interested in. 

· Proactive/Problem Solver – knowing how to navigate a tricky situation and giving a client the best service possible often requires 

one to make decisions in the moment. Having this innate ability is a benefit to all. 

· Listen – Listening is a skill we all struggle with on occasion, but is crucial to effective communication between you, 

your fellow employees and clients. Knowing how to sit back, listen and apply what you’ve heard is a talent to be proud of! 

  • SLS Landscape Design & Development is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 



  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Employee Purchase Plan
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Paid Vacation Days
  • Educational Assistance
  • Training Program
  • Employee Events and More! 

*For eligible employees


Positions Available:

  • Design Build Crew Leader - FT
  • Design Build Crew Member(s) - FT Seasonal
  • Landscape Maintenance Crew Members - FT Seasonal 

Fancy Equipment Makes A Huge Difference!

Hurricane Z3 Leaf Blower

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